At The Language House, we believe that the answer to learning a foreign language lies in simplicity and communication. We employ a simple yet effective method to ensure you get the most out of your language classes.

Para poder conversar, nuestros alumnos no malgastan tiempo leyendo libros de gramática aburridos.
At The Language House, students don’t waste precious conversation time reading boring grammar books.
usamos actividades comunicativas divertidas para aprovechar su clase y practicar el hablar
Instead of the traditional way of learning by reading and writing in class, we use fun, communicative activities to ensure that each student is using their time effectively and practising their speaking skills.
No creemos que escuchar a la profesora hablar durante toda la clase sea lo mejor para el alumno.
We don’t believe that students get the maximum benefit by spending the class listening to the teacher.
Instead, all our teachers are trained to help students speak and gain confidence in the language. Even in the first class you will be speaking your chosen language throughout.
Giving long, complicated grammatical explanations confuses the student and doesn’t help them in everyday situations.
Our teachers introduce the grammar by making you use it. In the class we help you learn by absorbing, using and thinking in the language, just like a native speaker would. Soon you’ll be speaking without needing to translate or think in your own language.
If you have tried other language schools and feel as frustrated as our little blue friend, why not give The Language House a try?.