Musical Babes

Musical Babes

Music & Movement for babies and toddlers at our centres in Marbella, San Pedro and Coín

What is ‘Musical Babes’?

Musical Babes are music and movement sessions for babies and toddlers together with their parents (or grandparents, aunts, carers etc.) Each session includes songs in English and Spanish, listening activities, percussion, rhythm work etc. Each song is accompanied with actions and toys to help the children understand the lyrics of the songs and nursery rhymes .

The babies and toddlers learn that you can sing and speak in other languages. Through the songs the children learn basic concepts in English and Spanish like long, short, up, down, fast, slow, loud, quiet etc. They also adquire basic vocabulary, for example, body parts, colours, animals etc. all fundamental in linguistic development.

What do the children get out of the sessions ?

Music, rhythm and songs with movement are essential to the development of communicative aspects including social interacion, linguistic development, listening attention and stimulation of the imagination. Children also learn to take turns and discover the joy of books.

Through music and movement children can learn languages. In the sessions the children do actions with the songs in English and Spanish and also practice with percussion instruments using simple co-ordination exercises. The classes also help the baby to form social relationships with other children and adults outside the family unit. Babies and toddlers have the ability to absorb a 2nd or 3rdlanguage naturally and with no effort involved.

The most important objective of the sessions though is that the children and their parents have fun!

Can the parents participate ?

Yes, babies and children until the age of 3 need to be accompanied by a parent or carer. The parents can join in with the activities and music as a tool to develop the linguistic intelligence of their babies, whilst the babies have fun whilst learning. Later parents / carers can practice the songs at home with their children.

Who leads the sessions ?

We are very lucky to have a qualified speech therapist for children who coordinates the classes in both English and Spanish.

How long are the classes ?

Each session lasts half and hour and the groups come once a week .

How much are the classes ?

The groups are run on a monthly basis and the cost per month is 35€ or 10€ a session.

How do I join a group ?

If you are interested in joining one of our Musical Babes groups, you can fill in the contact form and we will get in touch with you. Or you can call us on 952 85 30 27 .