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Fun Ways to Keep Learning this August

Have you been learning a language with The Language House this year but not sure how to keep practicing it during the summer? We’re here to help! With August just around the corner, here are some great ways you can get out and about next month, enjoy your summer holidays and still get to use

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2018 Spring Competition

Every year at the Language House we hold a Spring Competition at each of our centres to allow all our English-learning students, regardless of age, to use and expand their language skills in a way that’s personal and exciting to them. Doing this lets students get actively involved in their own learning and allows them

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Tips for Becoming Biligual

Becoming bilingual isn’t an easy task, but it isn’t impossible, either! If you find yourself struggling, here are some tips that may help:   Find Your Motivation Everyone has a different reason for learning another language. It doesn’t matter what yours is, if it’s personal, professional, or completely frivolous -as long as you know what

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Multiple Intelligences

At the core of The Language House teaching method lies three things: 1) learning languages is an important skill for all ages and levels, 2) learning language can -and should be, fun, and 3) language is most easily learned, recalled, and utilised when learned in an engaging, dynamic environment. This, however, is more easily said

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Programas sociales en The Language House

El método de enseñanza que empleamos en Language House fue desarrollado con el conocimiento que el aprendizaje de idiomas tiene más éxito cuando estás motivado y se utiliza de manera interactiva. Las habilidades lingüísticas se aprenden, procesan y repiten más fácilmente cuando se presentan en situaciones prácticas y cotidianas de los alumnos y sus vidas

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Social Programmes @ The Language House!

Our teaching method at the Language House was developed with the knowledge that language learning is more successful when used in an interactive, motivational environment. Language skills are more easily understood, processed, and repeated when presented in situations that are common and practical to the student’s life such as at home, work or even in

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Autumn at The Language House

Autumn officially began this year on September 22nd and so here at The Language House, the months of October and November were filled with ways to celebrate the season. Of course, no learning was set aside to make room for autumn activities, but instead our amazing teachers found creative ways to incorporate seasonal fun into

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Summer Camp ~ Campamento del Verano

Every summer camp at The Language House is fun, but this summer’s camp was particularly exciting! With a theme of Pirates and The Sea, kids this year donned their pirate hats, eye patches, mustaches and swords for a fun-filled summer of English language learning though The Language House’s signature style: didactic gamification. ~~~~ Cada campamento

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